ingegneria processo

Process engineering

Process details: calculations,
flow diagrams, P&I diagrams,
energy consumptions.

calcolo risorse

Utilities calculations

Definition and sizing of energy needs related to the production and distribution of cold and hot water, industrial water, demi water, compressed air, gas, electricity and wastewater disposal.

Preparation & distribution

A turnkey solution, from the engineering to the commissioning, for the preparation and distribution of paints, sealants and wax.
ingegneria elettrica

Electrical & controls engineering

Electrical design, software design, supply, installation and commissioning.

Robotic application

Solutions for robotic application, both of paint and sealant, using the technologies available on the Market (supplied by ABB, Durr, Fanuc and Sames).

Project management

From the engineering phase, trough the installation and commissioning, up to the final acceptance.

Robotic application

  • New paintshops for low production rate.
  • Brownfield (new process lines adding to the existing plant to improve quality or increase production).
  • Revamping (any kynd of refurbishment but also new solutions for existing plants,
    both small or large).
  • Retrofits (any kynd of upgrading solutions for existing plants).
  • Energy saving and engineering calculations (audit on existing plants for analysis and reporting with optimizing solutions related to energy consumptions).