After pre-treatment, E-Coating is the final process that makes the body highly resistant to corrosion. It is a process of electrodialysis in which, thanks to the action of an electric field where the body is connected to the negative pole (Cathode, hence the name) and some electrodes to the positive one (Anodes), the paint pigments, in suspension in the bathroom acting as resistance to the electric field, they precipitate and solidify on the surface of the body in a permanent and irreversible way. Positive electrodes are represented by dialysis cells of various sizes and shapes.

Anode cells

The cells have an important function in the E-Coat process. They are formed by an external membrane with a metal bar inside that acts as a real electrode. The anolyte flows between the electrode and the membrane.

Fidia is close to the needs of each customer and offers various types of cells:

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