Fidia’s technology portfolio includes all types of STOP&GO conveyors, both direct immersion and 360° rotation immersion types.

Direct immersion systems

EMS – Electrified Monorail conveyor

EMSs are systems consisting of independent trolleys with an on-board motor and control unit. They transport the body along the entire length of the process, lowering it in the bath to the required height. Fidia EMSs can carry weights of various sizes. The flexibility of the line allows the continuous insertion of trolleys according to production requirements.


It is a conveyor born out of Fidia and Changhong’s philosophy of simplifying and optimizing what is existing, tested and reliable. In short, the R-EMS is an EMS with rotation on the shaft on which the body is allocated. Translation is ensured by the same principle as the EMS and rotation by means of a connecting rod-crank system.