Fidia’s technology portfolio includes all types of continuous conveyors, both direct immersion and 360° rotation immersion types.

The difference is that in the first case the body is immersed in the bathroom directly as it is transported, i.e. with the roof up. In the second case, during the immersion, the body undergoes a rotation that brings it to an inverse position for 180 ° compared to its transport, i.e. with the roof down, and then rotated again another 180 ° before exiting to bring it back into position straight, i.e. again with the roof up.

Direct immersion systems:


It is a conveyor with hangers, on which the body is allocated, hooked to two chains that slide on two side rails. The chains are driven by a central motor (Master) assisted by a secondary motor (Slave). The profile of the side guides is sinusoidal depending on the need for the carbody to be immersed in the bathroom or to continue straight forward the line. Fidia offers a robust and reliable system that is easy to install.


The P&F is a conveyor similar to the pendulum but with the difference that the double- or single-armed hanger is moved by a bi-rail system installed centrally to the process tunnel. The profile of this bi-rail is also sinusoidal, depending on whether the body is to be immersed or not. Changhong and Fidia P&Fs are proven and reliable and already in use in various OEM installations.

Continuous conveyors with 360° rotation DIP&F360

It is a conveyor created by combining the two most consolidated handling systems on the market, enhancing the strengths and eliminating the weaknesses.

DIP & F360 is the new continuous handling system suitable for low and high production. It allows you to rotate the bodies in the Process, Pretreatment and E-Coat tanks, using a single chain as a trailer and eliminating misalignment problems. It also reduces management and control complexity with great impact on overall system reliability.

DIP & F360 only allows the trolleys to be placed in line when there are vehicles to be produced. Depending on requirements, it also allows the trolley to be unhooked from the chain, like the P&F.