Booths are the areas where the actual “visible” paint application takes place on the car. They are made up of various modular parts that also identify the various paint applications on the body, external or internal applications, touch-up areas, etc. Modularity allows flexibility in using the same booths according to the customer’s production needs, optimizing hourly energy consumption according to the number of bodies produced in the same time unit.

Fidia offers paint booths of high manufacturing quality, combined with engineering solutions that optimize assembly times and routine maintenance phases, resulting in reduced operating and investment costs.
Depending on the types of scrubber used, Fidia offers:

  • Wet Scrubber Venturi Type Booths
  • Dry scrubber booths with a very high percentage of air recirculation (up to 95%) that combined with efficient air conditioning management (Zone Management) leads to a reduction in energy costs of over 60% compared to a traditional solution.
Dry Scrubber Filter Separation type
Wet Scrubber Venturi type