Baking ovens are devices incorporated into the painting process downstream of each application layer. Baking is the chemical process of polymerising the material deposited on the body during the previous application phase. In general, the ovens of a traditional painting process are:

  • E-Coat Oven
  • Sealing Oven
  • Primer Oven
  • Top Coat Oven

In the case of water-borne paints, there is also an intermediate oven between basecoat and clearcoat called

  • Intermediate Flash Off

FIDIA and Changhong offer solutions for this type of technology suited to customer needs, all oriented towards energy efficiency and production flexibility:

  • Traditional Ovens with RTO
  • Ovens with Integrated ITO
  • Flexible ovens related to VOC values emitted during baking, strongly oriented to the energy saving