Fidia propose to its customers efficient systems for protecting the environment. Regenerative systems such as RTOs with 3 or more towers. Integrated systems such as ITOs and zeolite wheels to concentrate solvents and reduce the size of incinerators.


The regenerative systems proposed by Fidia and Changhong are used for the purification of the air coming from ovens and painting booths, in order to introduce clean air into the environment at values of over 99%. The structure is robust and resistant to the external weather with zero maintenance interventions.


Fidia offers its customers highly efficient recuperative type post-combustion systems with air inlet from chimney with solvent concentration above 20% LEL. The flexibility of the internal exchanger offers about 20% energy savings.

Zeolite Rotor Concentrator

In cases where the quantity of air to be treated in the RTO is extremely high or the concentration exceeds 20% of the LEL, Fidia offers the customer the possibility of installing zeolite Roto-concentrators that concentrate the solvents and reduce the quantity of air to be treated.