The headquarters of FIDIA Automotive Engineering Systems S.r.l. is located in Cinisello Balsamo, in the northern hinterland of Milan. This area is historically rich in productive settlements and today it hosts some of the most famous Italian and foreign companies. Easy to reach from both the city center and the ring roads, the offices will host the Italian team of the company. Fidia/Changhong group is a combination of Italian creativity and a strong Chinese productive power. All new ideas and new technologies are developed between the two companies.Once new technologies are engineered, they are tested in the Chinese techno Center located in the Changhong manufacturing area. The latest technologies are DIP&F360 and R-EMS


Two thousand years ago Ovid said: “Simplicity is very rare in our times”. Similarly Confucius: “Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated”.

Indeed, the greatest advances are often simple solutions to problems that seem highly complicated.

DIP&F360 is born from this philosophy. This new rotation system was developed by Changhong in collaboration with FIDIA. It combines the two most consolidated movement systems on the Market, enhancing strengths and eliminating weaknesses.

DIP&F360 is the new continuous movement system suitable for low and high productions. It allows to rotate the bodyworks in the process tanks, Pretreatment and Cataphoresis, using a single chain as a tow and eliminating the problems of misalignment. It also reduces the complexity of management and control with great impact on the overall reliability of the system.

DIP&F360 makes it possible to insert trolleys in line only in the presence of vehicles to be produced. According to the needs, it also allows to release the trolley from the chain, such as the P&F.

Rotation system available versions
  • DIP&F360 High
  • DIP&F360 Low
DIP&F360 benefits:
  • Low investment
  • User-friendly
  • Easy maintainability
  • Strong reliability
  • Less electrical devices, control and synchronization


R-EMS is born always from the philosophy “Think about simplicity”. This new rotation system was developed by Changhong in collaboration with FIDIA. It, again, combines two consolidated mechanical systems existing in the Market. R-EMS is the new STOP&GO system suitable for low rate of productions. It allows to rotate the car bodies in the process tanks, Pretreatment and Cataphoresis, using a rod-crank mechanism installed onto EMS hanger.