FIDIA Automotive Engineering Systems, an Italian company based in the industrial area of Milan, is born from the entrepreneurial intuition of its founders.

On one hand, Italian cleverness and experience, on the other one the Chinese manufacturing and financial solidity: FIDIA brings an innovative approach to the painting plant sector, combining design rigor and flexibility, attention to the customer and high technological content, problem-solving and competence.

The company is part of the Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment group, a consolidated industrial reality with over thirty years’ experience in the automotive sector.

A new answer to the needs of the automotive world.


Milion € in order acquisition


People worldwide included 400 permanent externals


sqm factory surface

FIDIA Automotive Engineering Systems is born from a deep knowledge of the needs of the major automotive manufacturers in the world. Having gained over twenty years of experience in international companies in the painting plant sector, its founders want to offer to the Market an alternative player.

Renault/Nissan, VW, FCA, Mercedes, GM, Volvo, BMW/RR and many other premium OEMs world wide: many customers – in factories around the world –  have expressed their appreciation for the technological/engineering contribution and project management of the founders of FIDIA, who today have transformed their approach to the client into a successful entrepreneurial reality.

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